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Each carefully, hand-crafted candle comes with an elegant lid and beautiful black gift box with a bow ready to share as a gift to those you cherish, or for your own self-love and enjoyment. It is important to be environmentally conscious, so my materials are all recycling friendly and biodegradable.

“Nikka’s Nostalgia really sets the ambience in a room. I love looking through my collection and picking the perfect scent depending on my mood. Fraser Fir - festive for holiday gatherings, Pineapple Sage -lively and spirited for an energized atmosphere, Oak Moss - romantic and intimate…one of my husband’s favorites.”

— MJ Kartholl


"Nikka’s Nostalgia harmoniously balances notes to create truly “nostalgic” scents. They transform a space with unique blends that are strong enough to fill a room without being too overpowering. Grapefruit breathes waves of positivity into a room and is an absolute must have. Lately, I’ve been mixing it up with some of the new scents. Pineapple Sage and Caribbean Teakwood were instant favorites."

— Kaitlin Sachdeva


Nikka's Nostalgia was born out of a love for candles and beautiful fragrances. There is nothing more comforting than relaxing at home with a lovely scent wafting through the air, producing a sense of calm, peace, and tranquility. A tremendous amount of research went into creating the final product, from the wax to wicks, essential oils, lids, labels, and packaging. When you purchase a candle from Nikka's Nostalgia, know that so much heart went into it, and each one was made with love. 

The name Nikka's Nostalgia is a playful nod to all the wonderful memories I have of growing up in a small town in Iowa. The tree represents the hours we spent on a swing that my father hung from a large Shagbark tree in the yard. I hope these incredible scents evoke memories of your own and help to create new ones.


A percentage of the proceeds are dedicated to a non-profit organization close to my heart, The Alzheimer's Association. My family has been personally impacted by this disease, and I want to support research for education and a cure.


I hope all of you enjoy my candles as much as I do and 

wish you all the very best.



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